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The Official Yoga Business Success Guide

Yoga Business Success Guide


Marita Dortins
Marita DortinsThe Yoga Well
Running a small business can be an isolating experience, and it’s very easy to get so tangled up in the mountain of day-to-day to tasks that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Working with Master Campbell on a weekly basis has helped me re-gain perspective, clarify goals, and establish sound processes to reach those goals. After working together for just over a year, my monthly revenue has almost doubled and my membership base has tripled. Just as importantly, I have gained confidence in my own ability to make decisions and provide leadership to my teachers and students. Thank you!
Ben McLellan
Ben McLellanBoston Underground Studios
The ZBB teachings have not only changed my business, but also my life. Running my studio is simple because of the focus and clarity that these teachings bring me. My revenue has more than doubled and my membership base went from 2 to 42 since starting with Jason 15 months ago. The single smartest business decision I have made was to learn from Jason. You should too.
Amanda Hill
Amanda HillI AM Yoga & Wellness
After four days of ZBB and Chi Fit training with Master Campbell, Master Leone and their team last week, I flew to Mount Madonna Institute where I’m pursuing a Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine. I found myself grasping the principles of Ayurveda, the Vedas, Sanskrit and everything else differently than I had previously, having AHA moments that were transformational.

Words cannot convey what you will gain sitting in front of this team. Simply put, they are Masters. Truly. On some level, you know it when you watch them on YouTube or have a conference call with them but I saw it most clearly when I was fortunate enough to be in their physical presence, counting my blessings in each moment. If you are self-employed, own a business (ANY type of business), are on a spiritual path and/or simply wish to understand how to live life to the fullest, call Zen Wellness. “A true Master creates Masters.” This is their goal, to empower you to fully live in each breath that you take in this life. What a gift!