Zen & Yoga Business Bootcamp 2018

October 18th & 19th, 2018, Phoenix, AZ

Spend 2 life changing days in Phoenix with Master Jason Campbell at his highly acclaimed Zen Business Bootcamp. You will learn how to create your “dream life” by merging your business with your craft.

We also offer a ZBB LIVE – At Home. Email us for more information.

For Studio owners, aspiring studio owners and independent teachers

Dear Friend, I invite you to participate in a truly unique, life changing experience. If you are familiar with my teachings and products, you will know that everything I teach works in “real life.”

Zen Business Bootcamp

Zen Business Bootcamp

Being a spiritual entrepreneur is different than other businesses.Chances are, that you (just like me) became involved with your craft because of PASSION, and not profit. This is what makes us unique. I invite you to take the next step in your education and upgrade your business skills to merge your passion with intelligent business design. In my live events, we attract spiritual entrepreneurs from all over the world and at all levels of their development. Many are very successful looking for their next step, and many are just starting out their journey, and are looking to avoid the “pain” of a lot of trial and error. Entrepreneurial transformation first comes from the DECISION to improve your business, then you must TAKE ACTION with your new commitment. Join me in this journey of merging your spiritual business with intelligent, deliberate design. These teachings are not from academic theory, they are a result of running studios for over 18 years and working with hundreds of studios and independent teachers.

You will learn:

  • How to stimulate and increase revenue in your business
  • The alchemy of both inner and outer success
  • The 18 Laws of wealth attraction for the Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • How to create your Preferred Life Style (PLS.) This one teaching ALONE will pay for the course many times over.
  • The 3 (and only 3) areas of your business that you must focus on
Master Campbell at the Zen & Yoga Business Bootcamp

Master Campbell at the Live Training

  • The Yin/Yang of developing long-term clients / students to increase the NCV in your business ( if you do not know what the NCV is, then you can not afford NOT to be in this program.)
  • The 3 ways to put systems into your business (for both profit and sanity!)
  • The 4 levels of consideration when a student / client decides to upgrade their participation in your studio (knowing these are HUGE for your bottom line and creating committed students.)
  • The 5 Laws of Real-Life Successful Marketing for the Spiritual Entrepreneur ( this took me about 15 years of trial and error to figure out – this is NOT taught in ‘marketing school” and I promise you, your ad reps are clueless to this. )
  • The real purpose of your website (probably not what you think…)
  • Decision making for the spiritual entrepreneur (this will give you clarity and confidence) ?The Ultimate Business Building / Personal Growth Secret (no, it’s not from the movie “The Secret”, this is completely different.
  • & so MUCH MORE……
  • This is a LIVE event where we interact personally. I sincerely look forward to your success. Blessings, Jason Campbell PS If you have questions call my office @ 623-341-3173. We are here to help you succeed. Logistics: The training will be held at the wonderful at our headquarters in Sun City West, AZ.  Please contact us for information on lodging in the area – info@zenwellness.com or 623-341-3173.

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    Jason is brilliant, fun, and a kind spirit. My decision to work with him has been one of the wisest I have ever made. I would highly recommend him for your yoga or martial arts studios. Sincerely, Ben McLellan Watertown, Massachusetts www.bostonundergroundstudios.com
    Herbs I am energized by the combination of spiritual and practical principles – and how they reinforce each other. Jason is wise, accessible, funny and organized. Not a bad combination I look forward to applying these principles and perspectives in my life and work. Sincerely, Herb Simmens New Jersey

    John M 8 years ago I wrote a testimonial for Master Campbell. This was because he had helped several of my clients today I am writing another testimonial because I have attended his Zen Business Bootcamp, and I have witnessed personally an entire group of people benefiting from his unique and effective approach to communicating unique and effective material. I am privileged and thankful to have been one of those people. Regardless of your business type, regardless of your situation, attending a Zen Business Bootcamp will benefit you in all facets of life. Sincerely, Jon Malach Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada www.perfectmind.com
    I started the accountability program with Jason 2 months ago and since working with him I have had amazing results in my personal and professional growth. Jason expanded and focused my thinking, non-thinking, and confidence to shine. I am so grateful to be apart of this program! Sincerely, Laura Cooney Peterborough, Ontario

    Button-round3Contact info@zenbusinessbootcamp.com or call 623-341-3173 for more information

    Kelsy L The teachings Jason gives not only help with a business, but also with everyday life. The information he shares is absolutely PRICELESS. It is so much fun to learn from him; there is never a dull moment. Learning these amazing business techniques and how to think about money is totally transformative. If given an opportunity to learn from this man, take full advantage of it. Sincerely, Kelsey Leech Qigong and Kung Fu Instructor Phoenix, Arizona
    Kevin C As with the first Zen B.B this training has given and will give a better energetic appreciation of my business, staff, students, purpose, and myself. Sincerely, Kevin Clark Chief Instructor America’s Martial Arts Institute

    Jason provides a pragmatic approach and the necessary tools to become a successful business owner. Jason is high energy, funny and an obvious “master” of entrepreneurial training. Use his knowledge to make your business thrive! Sincerely, Janiece Bigus Glendale, AZ
    I’m a spa therapist who practices a unique form of hot massage in Ontario, Canada. I Since being in the Bootcamp, I have had a number of life altering “ah ha” moments that will forever change my way of looking at money, my direction and how to be my own master. Jason is an incredible teacher who offers a unique viewpoint on business and life and I would highly recommend if you wish great success from your business and your life they should take this course. Sincerely, Lisa Charby Ontario, Canada

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    This is my third time at the Business Bootcamp with Master Jason Campbell. Every time I attend the Business training I learn a lot, and the information helps me to grow personally and grow my business as well. I am grateful to Master Jason Campbell for sharing the life testing wisdom and knowledge. Sincerely, Amila Glisic Glendale, AZ
    Initially, I was a little unsure of what to expect but trusted that I was in the right place. Jason’s Zen Business Bootcamp gave me some great tools that I will implement in my practice. I feel that these techniques will save me time. I am a new business owner and have been learning as I go for the last six months Thank you for the insight and clarity that will make my vision of my business more precise and fun. Dr. Christine Kovalik Scottsdale, AZ

    I feel so lucky to be here just before I open my first studio which will be in Brazil in early 2011. Already so many Ah-has as Master Campbell lay everything out so easy and so logical to understand and make so much sense as well. Highly recommend. Sincerely, Yuri Scott Ogden, Utah
    Kali R This course cut through a lot of the underlying beliefs, blocks, and challenges. What I appreciated most about the class was Jason’s ability to clearly articulate what makes a business and entrepreneur successful I feel so fired up to produce I cannot wait to get to work! Kali Ray Torres Professional Yoga Instructor Phoenix, AZ

    Attending the Bootcamp was quite an eye-opener. I believe this will help the studio tremendously even if we chose to try just one idea. As a side note there were several ideas I will also implement in my daily life to better myself and my family. Thank you so much Jason for the wisdom! Michelle Darsow Professional Yoga Instructor Victoria, MN As a new owner of a wellness and yoga center. I now have invaluable information, tools and skills to upgrade the quality of Enso’s programs, systems and services. The Zen Business Bootcamp is a crucial step in my current phase of business growth. Thank you Jason, Michael and Gileaña! Nina Roberts Salveson Victoria, MN

    The Zen Business Bootcamp is giving me confidence & knowledge on how to understand my own value, teaching me to sell my skill, and giving me inspiration. Amy Oderkirk Certified Yoga Instructor Phoenix, AZ What a great place/experience to start your mid-life crisis! Having worked in a 9-5 corporate world for almost 30 years, the idea of moving to a “business that helps people” can be overwhelming. But after this seminar it began to look like a possibility. Bernie Gilmore Certified Yoga Instructor Phoenix, AZ Jason Campbell’s Business Bootcamp is amazing for any entrepreneur Gina Redding, June 2009 Phoenix, AZ

    Button-round3Contact info@zenbusinessbootcamp.com or call 623-341-3173 for more information

    Pam I was always told that you had to choose either being a successful studio owner or a great yoga teacher. I no longer believe this. After attending 2-days with Jason Campbell at his Yoga Business Bootcamp I have a clear business vision of how I can create abundance (money) and still teach yoga with the passion I have when I first opened up my studio 6 years ago. Jason is a genius, he cuts through to what is holding you back from business success. I suggest you attend training, it will pay for itself many times over.” Pam Bliss Yoga Asylum Brookfield, WI www.yogasylum.com


    Tom I learned that I can make my classes more traditional and more intense and that doing so will actually grow my business. I work the same hours with the same effort, feel less stress and make a whole lot more money. You should do it.” Tom Gohring Austin, TX www.taichitom.com



    MaryI’ve already referred five or six of my friends, other yoga teachers, and studio owners, to Jason because what he has to offer this arena this market is incredibly valuable. I feel like the ROI

    [return on investment] has been more than I could have asked for Just come make a clear decision know that it will be ten times worth its weight in gold and get here and study with Jason you will be very glad that you did. Chris Ward San Diego, CA  “I followed Jason’s advise years ago and all I can say is: IT WORKS. If you want better results with less stress, take his trainings and advise.” Mary Howard Milford, NH www.nhpoweryoga.com


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    “If you are teaching yoga professionally (which means you are running a yoga business) you MUST listen to what Jason Campbell has to say. He has blended the yogic spirituality with solid business techniques. Colleen Inman Phoenix, AZ I highly recommend working with him for your zen business consulting — he is professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. Do it today — you will be happy you did!” John Mariotti Universal TaeKwonDo and Power in Flow Fitness, Fernley NV

    “Although I was hesitant to apply (then after I applied I was put on a waiting list) I joined Jason Campbell’s mentoring program. After one month, we increased our gross by over 50%. Leslie Turner Gilbert, AZ

    John As the owner of a successful studio, I am always looking for the competitive edge. I learned a long time ago that to be the best, you have to study with the best. That is why I entered into a mentoring relationship with Mr. Campbell. Mr. Campbell lives and breaths it!

    J. John St. James 7th Dan, Senior International Master Instructor, President and CEO Karate World, Inc. North American Tang Soo Do Federation www.atlantic-pacifictangsoodo.com


    MichaelAfter one month of coaching our company saw immediate results, and consider this training a great investment. I highly recommend this coaching to anyone who really wants to run a successful studio.”

    Michael C. Johnson Shockwave Defense Albuquerque NM www.shockwavedefense.com


    Jonathan “Mr. Campbell is a genius. I started working with him about 5 years ago, he is constantly creating new strategies for success.”

    Master Jonathan Lowell Master Lowell’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy Melbourne, FL


    Button-round3Contact info@zenbusinessbootcamp.com or call 623-341-3173 for more information

    Master Campbell is funny, charismatic and draws from a wealth of experience.

    Dixie Cochran Austin, TX

    Richard In short, Jason Campbell is the wisest, most intelligent and practical martial arts and yoga business teacher I have come across.
    Richard Marlin Richard Marlin’s Martial Arts Black Belt Academy Lismore, Australia

    Teaches by Example

    “Simply put Mr. Campbell practices what he teaches. He shares with you everything. That includes what works and doesn’t work, because everything he shares with you he is doing on a daily basis. P. Condinho Mississauga, Canada

    Skeptical in the Beginning

    Judy “I was a bit skeptical in the beginning…, I implemented only one suggestion from Jason Within 3 days, I had not only made back the money to pay for the training and expenses of the trip to Arizona, but also my rent for the month,which honestly I don’t think I could’ve paid.
    Judy Heaney Balance Yoga Studio, Cape May NJ, www.balancecapemay.com



    Lise Thank you so much, Master Campbell, for your generosity of spirit and wealth of useful, truly practical information and advice.Many thanks & blessings again. And the journey continues… with better tools!
    Lise Ram Das Latulippe Attawa, Canada www.adishaktiyogacentre.com


    Gave me Confidence

    Shawna Well the first thing I want to say is that Jason gave me so much confidence in myself. Now I know as I pursue my own business that this is something I can do.
    Shawna Morby, Phoenix, AZ



    I learned how to overcome and train myself to balance the buckets of where my money goes. I also learned that money is not personal and that I don’t own it. That it only flows through me. Catherine Reid Phoenix, AZ

    Self Evaluation

    Ashley I have worked with Jason twice before coming to ZBB. This weekend has been powerful in re-examining my systems, evaluating how to transition in staff to actualize the better potential in clients for their transformational process. Thank you Jason!Sincerely, Ashley Jenkins Columbia, Missouri

    Recommend all of Jason’s Programs

    I attended the Boot camp in Phoenix last May. I came away with lots of great information but felt overwhelmed with how to implement it all. I was able to do a number of recommendations from Jason. After the bootcamp I was able to decide where to put my energy, what to delegate. I have sent an intention to generate a certain income each day, and is a little scary how often I meet or exceed my expectations! I highly recommend any, or all, of Jason’s programs. Susan Hopkins Cartersville, Ga. www.etowahvalleyyoga.com

    Balanced Approach

    Carol What is most impressive about Jason Campbell. is that he presents such a balanced approach. He emphasizes the integrity of the practices, whether martial arts, yoga, or other, as at least as important as the technical aspects.I wondered if I could do both: be a great yoga teacher and a great business owner. Jason’s teaching has convinced me I can.He is very wise, and I feel very grateful for his work.
    Carol Klammer www.ahhyoga.com

    Opened My Eyes

    Jason opened my eyes to a new way of looking and managing my yoga studio. I would highly recommend this course to anyone from large business to small -I know you will gain from his wisdom. Thank you Jason. – Sandy Beltran KY


    Kirstin In a word, Jason Campbell is brilliant! He has the ability to not only teach, but to also motivate so you take his information and actually implement.Kirstin Carey Phoenix AZ www.nourish123.com

    Expanded Paradigms

    Tracie Jason’s spiritual practice is grounded and his mind/body/spirit connection is strong. Jason’s teachings expanded my paradigms for possibility, and my desire to unlock my potential, my continued learning was a natural decision.
    Tracie Brace Houston, TX www.yogarasa.net

    Good Investment

    Although I was initially skeptical of what to expect from this course before it began, I am now convinced that not only did I get more than my money’s worth, this program will make me much more in profits than what I invested in it, and I will be continuing my education with Jason in the near future and beyond. Dr. Jay L. Roth, D.C. Houston, TX

    Instilled Confidence

    His enthusiasm, honesty and humor has made this journey to opening a yoga studio, truly enjoyable. I believe anyone that is working in the healing arts would benefit from Jason’s programs. Jason has instilled in us so much confidence, positivity and support along this beautiful journey toward being spiritual entrepreneurs. Robyn Donaldson Lauderhill, FL www.vastuyoga.com

    Trust your Advice

    You have presented professionalism, organization, invaluable experience, inspiration, with a strong dose of spiritual wisdom and humor.I have confidence in your approach and trust your advice. Patty Pavkovich Professional Yoga Instructor Lauderhill, FL

    Learned so Much in a Short Time

    “I heard about Jason’s tele-coaching classes from one of my long time friends and fellow yoga teachers. I had started thinking about opening my own studio and since she owns her own, I went to her for advice. Right away, she recommended Jason’s classes. Several weeks went by before I acted on her recommendation, and now I understand why she had such good things to say!! I am amazed at how much I have learned in such a short time. Being taught about the PLS alone was worth the admission fee! Thank you Jason and Gileana for your all of your targeted tips, advice and strategies. Logynn Northrhip Austin, TX

    Deeply Resonating

    Jan I find that I am deeply resonating with much of what I am hearing from Jason.I am deeply grateful for Jason’s guidance & the vim & vigor with which he is practicing his heartwork – his delight in what he is sharing is contagious!!Jan Barrett, M.S, Quincy, Illinois, USA www.redbudyoga.com

    Learn from Knowledge

    It is nice to be able to learn from such a knowledgeable person that has learned by doing, and is able to teach others what to do and what to avoid. Denyse Peterson Northville, MI Professional Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer

    Glad to Participate

    Eric I know of no one who blends the spiritual and Zen teachings with intelligent, creative business design that gets results. I highly recommend any of his training programs. You will be glad you participated and he will save you a lot of time and money with his wisdom and inspiration.
    Sifu Eric Oram Los Angeles Win Chung

    Button-round3Contact info@zenbusinessbootcamp.com or call 623-341-3173 for more information