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This training is for Yoga / Qigong / Martial Art studio owners, aspiring studio owners, and independent teachers:

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Zen Business University Teaching: What business are you REALLY in
In this simple teaching, Master Campbell explains how to look at your business in order to gain clarity regarding its components.


These teachings are not from academic theory. They are a result of running studios for over 20 years and working with thousands of students, teachers and studio owners.

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If you are a yoga professional, or an aspiring yoga professional, please read on.

Dear Friend,

My name is Master Teacher Jason Campbell. I own Zen Yoga, Kung Fu and Zen Wellness centers, and have owned and been running studios full time for over 20 years. Over the last decade I have logged over 10,000 hours mentoring studio owners, future studio owners and independent teachers to reach a balance between being “true to their art and lineage” and creating abundance.

Here is what I have discovered:

Success leaves clues, failure leaves clues, and your teaching skills are only a small part of growing a successful studio.

Zen Business University and Qi Fit Medical Qigong Immersion

Zen Business University and Qi Fit Medical Qigong Immersion

Are teaching skills important? Of course they are. If you can’t provide a space, or hold the frequency, for your students to experience personal transformation then you should not be in this business. If you are reading this, I assume that you are committed to your art and committed to your students growth and transformation. I also assume that you are constantly learning and growing, and that you understand that a yogic lifestyle is one of constant growth and learning. That is what has kept me in this business for over 20 years – every day I grow a little stronger and a little wiser.


So I have good news and bad news:

Bad News: 80% of small businesses fail in the first 60 months. I believe the % of yoga schools that fail is even greater. Most yoga instructors have not had any business training. Even worse, the ambitious ones that have gotten business training have usually gotten it from someone that has never run a successful yoga school.

The owners that are successful usually learned from trial and error and are missing many hidden opportunities in their business for a greater impact on the students and greater abundance for the owner.

Good News: Like I said earlier, there is a formula for success and there is a formula for failure. It is not real complicated if you know the formula and are willing to work a system.

I currently own multiple schools. So I am in the field. Just like you, I sweat on the practice room floor training with my students, create and manage all the marketing and communication campaigns, track the numbers, run the teacher training, train my staff, deal with lawyers, accountants, landlords, the IRS, etc.

If you are reading this, chances are that you fall into one of 2 categories (or sometimes a little of both):

You are moved by Inspiration:

You either are getting ready to open a studio or start a business and you are inspired to learn your business skills BEFORE you invest your life-force energy and thousands of dollars and sign a lease. You are wise and inspired to invest in your zen business education now so you can begin with clarity and confidence.


Your school is doing well, your students are good, you have a following, your staff is inspired and you are making a good profit, and you see you have room to grow. You are looking for the next phase of running your business and common questions you ask yourself are:

Students on a break at Zen Business Bootcamp

Students on a break at Zen Business Bootcamp

How can I be more efficient with my time, fill my classes, teacher training and workshops with greater ease?

How do I make business decisions with greater confidence?

How do I train a competent desk staff so I don’t have to be there as often and the business runs well without me there?

Maybe you want to focus your teaching on training your staff and teacher training and let your staff teach the beginners. This will free up your time and energy to work “on the business” and less “in the business.” This also allows more time for your own personal practice.

If you’re a brand new teacher and building your practice, you  also fall into this category.


You have zero or minimal profit. You hear yourself say:

I am tired of doing this.
I am behind on my bills, I have debt, and this is not as fun as it once was.
The harsh reality of running a business is more difficult than I thought.
My relationships are strained and I am not exactly sure how to fix this.
I have become a slave to my business.
I love yoga and always will.
I have to do something… I am either going to close my doors (and deal with the consequences) or get the training I need to become successful in business.

Remember that your business is there to serve you, not the other way around. It should serve you so that you can grow as a human being, and experience the abundance that comes with running a successful business and the transformation your teachings bring to your students.

Create the mental balance of being very focused in your yoga business, yet at the same time you keep a light, playful and surrendered energy. Become fiercely “present” and non-attached while growing your yoga business.

Master Campbell teaching Fire Qigong

Master Campbell teaching Fire Qigong

As a yoga professional, how much yoga business training have you completed? Did you get your 200-hour certification in yoga business? Do you begin each day with a focused, deliberate plan that you measure, monitor and execute? Because at the end of the day your plan is to “feel good” about your teachings. Have you put pen to paper and written your plan for the year?

Are you following a proven yoga business system for success? If you are like 99% of yoga teachers – you are not. Spend no time “feeling bad” about it (you are not alone.) and instead spend your time “fixing it.” Get the training that you need. Create a yoga success plan and stick to it every day. Use the same focus and passion that you used to become skilled as a yoga professional to become skilled in your professional yoga business. You will help more people.


Your Zen Business University mentoring begins the moment you commit to it.  Everything changes, (including your blood chemistry) as your mind prepares to learn this new skill set. You start to focus on your business even before we talk. You begin to see new opportunities that you did not see before. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

A few years ago I gave a short talk to a group of studio owners at an industry convention. After the talk I gave everyone an opportunity to purchase my products and seminars. This made one woman in the audience upset. When she told me she resented that I was “selling” my products and seminars, I told her that she must be broke. The room fell silent and her face turned pale. Her voice cracked when she asked: “How did you know?”

It’s because the skill sets of abundance and resentment are mutually exclusive. You must choose one or the other, you cannot have both. Resent another person’s success and you repel abundance and opportunity. Your focus has a low vibrational frequency. You cannot see it because it does not exist for you. Like a radio antenna, your mind will not be tuned into that frequency, so the signal will not come through.

Embrace others’ success and you will then be open to seeing the alchemy that created it. You raise your vibrational frequency. People, circumstances and events are attracted to you that resonate on the same frequency. This is the law. Like attracts like. Water seeks it’s own level. Spiritual abundance is knowing there is enough right now in this moment.

Zen Business University and Qi Fit Medical Qigong Immersion

Zen Business University and Qi Fit Medical Qigong Immersion

Here is how the Zen Business University mentoring program works:

You will work with either myself or a certified ZBB instructor to get very clear with your goals and outcomes.

This includes your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Gross income
  • Net income
  • What your studio or practice looks like – systems, staff, etc.
  • How much time you spend working in your business versus working on your business
  • Creating time for personal practice (sharpening your spiritual blade)
  • And more!
Master Campbell at the Live Training

Master Campbell at the Live Training

We then create a plan, give it a deadline, and create the daily actions you need to take to make your dream life a reality. This takes commitment and work. As I said earlier, it does not happen by accident.

Working with me and the ZBB instructors you will find we tell it like it is. We decide on concrete, measurable results that you are going to accomplish in your business. If your thinking and focus is not congruent with your goals, we will tell you directly.

I have personally helped hundreds of school owners add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their income, and be able to reach more students and have a far greater impact on their community.

If you have gotten his far, you know intuitively that there is some benefit here for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. TAKE ACTION TODAY AND APPLY FOR A BUSINESS CONSULTATION. GAIN CLARITY. Don’t be among the 98% of unhappy procrastinators. Be among the top 2%. TAKE ACTION TODAY.


Master Teacher Jason Campbell


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